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Be Vulnerable #LikeABoss

Be Vulnerable #LikeABoss

March 4, 2015

I have spent the majority of my life trying to fit in and despite for the most part being able to “fit in,” I was absolutely miserable. Only recently have I learned how to stop caring about what other’s think and start doing what I feel is right. I follow my heart, my intuition, and […]

“MYO” #SaladGame: How to Build a Salad, Gangster Style

“MYO” #SaladGame: How to Build a Salad, Gangster Style

February 19, 2015

Word to my fit peeps! I was feeling a bit gangsta today so I thought I’d let you hommies in on the secrets to my salad game. Please don’t take offense to my slanguage, it is all in good fun, ya dig? MYO = Make Your Own Back in my sorority days at the Kappa Delta […]

Caramelized Pork Shoulder Ramen Bowl

Caramelized Pork Shoulder Ramen Bowl

February 17, 2015

I have been eyeing this ramen dish for months and on the cusp of this snow storm, it seemed like the perfect dish to make. The leftovers are keeping me warm while I’m snowed in. I wasn’t the best at prepping my fridge, so I’m glad to have these delicious leftovers to hold me over. […]

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sarah mcdonald

An educated and genuine personal trainer. Audrey makes fitness fun and not intimidating. Excited she has ventured out on her own!!!!

Sarah MacDonald


Audrey is an inspiring and motivational trainer. She has the unique touch of turning fitness into fun! I can not wait to attend the exciting new classes she comes up with!

Lara Lovitt


I truly owe Audrey for always going above and beyond for me. She knew exactly what I needed during our sessions for the results I desired. Audrey held me accountable and changed the way I think about working out. She was always upbeat and bubbly, which was just when I needed at 6am when trying to get in a workout before work. I would recommend Audrey to anyone looking for a trainer.

Virginia King Sayer